A.R.K. Comics Issue 333



Too late for you to escape now. You have now encountered a hyper-intelligent text-based creature known as the YMCKromon which has utterly captured your attention. You have no choice but to keep reading this text. If you look away before reading it all, the words will leap up and send you to the next (suspiciously flat) world. Now read on.

Attention, sentient beings of Earth! Its back, with a bang and a bullet! The anthology comic you never knew existed returns with its latest, greatest issue debuting at Glasgow Comicon!

A.R.K Volume 2, Issue 333

This week’s excitement:

James Jamesheugh – Gymshoe to anyone with half a brain – makes his debut not only on our cover but also inside in the first instalment of our new Playground Noir thriller, “How to Spell Trouble“

300 Grams reaches its conclusion with Allerdyce in a perilous situation, can he avenge his fallen friend or is he about to become another statistic himself?

The Chronicles of Roland – Fortress of Night Part Four: Roland reaches the Knights Hospitallers Fortress at last, but will he get the welcome he expects from his longtime friend Sir Telfer?

Platinum Angel Project – Four on The Floor Part One – new story arc for the Angels, as we get a little glimpse into what goes on between the shows and the combat zones.

The Red Menace – fresh from being blindsided by unknown assailants last issue, The Red Menace is up against an unlikely threat with roots in the greatest peril this Nation faced in the entire Twentieth Century.

Robot George is there to answer your letters as always and, we’ve been running teasers for the last few issues now, but our back cover reveals the series that is replacing 300 Grams. We’re excited about this one, and we think you are going to like her.

A.R.K Volume 2, Issue 333 – on sale 4 July 2015

24 pages for only £1.99 of your Money Pounds – if you can’t find it in your local newsagents then maybe you should find a better one because they obviously don’t deserve your business.

Now buy this comic or the Comic Guardian Of Death will get you. It’s a bit like the YMCKromon but spelled differently.

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