In addition to comics, I somehow found the time to provide the book design and cover for TRANSFORMATION: A Personal Journey Through the British Transformers Comic Volume 1: 1984-1987.

It’ll be no surprise to any of you that follow me on any social media that I am a massive Transformers fan, and when I learned that Stuart Webb was planning collating the articles he had serialised online into a book version I volunteered to step in and ensure it looked the part.


The book contains the reviews of the Marvel UK Transformers comic from Issue 1 up to issue 112, along with assorted diversions and features. It has been rewritten and expanded from the original online posts.

If you fancy a look back at one of Marvel’s crown jewels in the 1980’s then you can get a copy from Amazon.

Click here.

Stuart’s is still continuing the weekly lookback at the comic and you can find his blog and see how far he has gotten up to here.

I’ll be helping produce Volumes 2 and 3 and any news we’ll share here.