If you’ve stopped by the site then you’ve either picked up a copy of A.R.K. Issue 333 in print or digital, or we’ve piqued your interest via social media.

So what is Gymshoe?

Well simply put it’s Playground Noir. It’s a love letter to hard-boiled detective fiction and old school British comics which had to have schoolchildren protagonists.

It’s all Karl’s fault. A while back when we were having a few drinks and talking about some ideas for comics we wanted to do and he told me about Gymshoe and I fell in love with it. Due to various reasons it took a while to get cracking properly. The first few pages debuted in our one shot at Glasgow Comic Con last year. They’ve been redrawn since then, which leads into…

Why are we seralising it a page a time?

Well that’s on me. I’m a procrastinating swine if I don’t have a firm deadline, but when I do I can put out work regularly. Having done daily comic strips and managed an entire year with no missed days so this is why we’ve opted for this approach.

Gymshoe – will be updating 2/3 times a week for the duration of each story arc.

Will there be a print version?

Yes. If you are at Glasgow Comic Con we will have a preview edition, and as each book ends we will have it collected in print form.

Hope you enjoy it and if you do let us know via twitter I am @andrewdturnbull and Karl is @KarlThurgood you can also stop by the A.R.K. Comics Facebook page