Shakma – The Die Hard Of Primate Movies.

  • Shakma Complete Edition cover - from a black background the raging maw of a baboon baring it's teeth can be seen, drawn entirely in crimson.

This is a collection of my adaptation of the cult classic Shakma.

Why Shakma?

That’s a good question. I first encountered Shakma, or it’s trailer on the Nightmare on Elm Street 4 VHS (yes I am showing my age) when I was 12. I could never find Shakma until the glorious days of the internet and stumbled across it on either Youtube/Daily Motion I forget which one now and fell in love with it even more. It has a certain cheap and cheerful charm to it, and watching it you can’t help but think someone on the crew must have been injured dealing with the baboon.

So at the tail end of 2018 I was toying with the idea of a daily strip again, not having done one since The Daily Straxus Book 3 finished a while back but couldn’t think of a story I wanted to write, and the thought occurred to adapt a film, and there was only one choice. One year later and it was completed, but I hadn’t gathered it in print (originally planned for Glasgow Comic Con 2020 – but we alll know what happened then. Thankfully it saw print in 2022 – copies are still available.

A4 Portrait B&W interiors 88 pages Perfect Bound.