The Decepticon’s Time Terror

Art by Mike Collins and Kris Carter

2018’s TFNation exclusive was a book done in the style of the Ladybird Transformers books as if they’d continued on as the toyline had. As we’d selected a theme of Generation 2 for the look of the event it made sense to have a G2 book.

The initial story concept was done by Ed Pirrie and Andrew Turnbull, before the writing duties were passed to Matt Marshall and Ralph Burns.

Art-wise we knew there would be a high workload, and given it was going to be such a fun project we reached out to a number of talented folks who all loved the idea. Andrew and Ed divided the workload up and passed out assignments.

Mike Collins who was one of the guests and the penciller on the original four Ladybird books graciously agreed to draw the cover. (Slight brag – Andrew now owns the original pencils art and Matt Marshall owns the inks).