Welcome Back to the land of moving parts!

It’s been a while since we talked and that’s my fault. I’ve been busy with TFNation and Shakma work that this little corner has been neglected. I also of course lost the passwords to get back into the site, no-longer had access to the email address so had to nuke it and start from scratch. Lessons learned!

Anyway – keep your eye on the blog, as you’ll start to see more bits and pieces from me (Andrew) and hopefully the rest of the gang as well as we go.

Not all the bits of the site will be up right now, but bear with me I’ll try and get them up as quickly as possible.

The Runner is the next A.R.K. project on the runway. As ever we will be producing content for TFNation, if you are a Transformers enthusiast you should enjoy this, and of course Shakma is still being serialised daily. Who knows Book 2 might be ready before Christmas.

20 thoughts on “Welcome Back to the land of moving parts!

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